Red Bull Racing is one of two F1 teams owned by the energy drinks company. Every year, I go to the races from Friday to Sunday, as they are so much fun and very exciting. Unfortunately, I was unable to go this year because of the new restaurant but at the same time, I am really glad that it is almost all set up.

In the picture that has been posted are my good friends Muttoh-san and David Coulthard. Also known as ‘DC’, David drives for Red Bull Racing. He is the second most successful driver on the grid this year and is the top British scorer. At the 2008 British Grand Prix, David announced his retirement from F1 once the season is over. We all managed to meet up in a private house party and had the time of our lives!

I was so bummed I couldn’t go to the races this year that I promise to go next year even if it means to have a Mario clone taking care of things in the restaurant!